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Podcast Episode 2 - Chase that Fox by Michael Ockrim

Welcome to Episode 2 of the podcast! Today I discuss the best 100 yards that I have ever dashed. It took place during my breakfast, and keep me invigorated throughout the day. It is a tale as old as time...

Interested in taking the fun a step further? Check out the book Looney Coop Hens: Oh No! A Fox! by Janet Morgan Stoeke.

What does it take to move well? It requires a shift in thinking and a shift in the approach to fitness.

For thousands of years, mankind had to adapt to their environment. The rapid advancement of technologies in recent centuries has enabled mankind to adapt their environment to them. Earlier versions of humans had to efficiently crawl, walk, run, balance, jump, climb, carry, throw, catch,  and defend themselves. These skills were essential for survival in the often unforgiving world around them. Challenges were everywhere!

In modern times, our focus has shifted from being fit for practical reasons to being fit to simply look good. Developing a body that functions well will result in a body that looks great. Muscles will develop naturally and in a symmetrical manner - think Michaelangelo's David. More importantly, the body feels well and will handle activities in our daily lives pain-free. 

The current approach to fitness is working out on some sort of man-made contraption for 60 minutes a day, three days a week. Then being primarily sedentary for the next 23 hours moving from chairs, to cars, to couches, to beds. We view working out as work, not fun. Movement should be an enjoyable part of your life that is peppered in throughout your day. 

The next time you "workout," think about how your body moves naturally. Do not default to the man-made machines that tout fitness. Just move. Run. Jump. Carry. Crawl. Throw. Catch. Push something heavy. Pull something awkward. Squat down. Push yourself up. Be creative. Make it a game. Have fun!

Remember, the fitness industry is a business that needs products to sell. There is no way to monetize a pull up...voila!...the lat pull down machine. Ask yourself, has there ever a time your environment dictated that you move in the restricted motions of the lat pull down machine - seated, legs immobilized, pulling weight down onto your body?

Food for thought... Now get up and chase that fox!

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