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Episode 1 - Backyard Chickens by Michael Ockrim

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Michael Ockrim Podcast! For the inaugural podcast, I share my insights on raising a flock of backyard chickens. The original blog post can be read here.

If you are in need of more detailed information, start with Backyard Chickens for Beginners by R.J. Ruppenthal, available for free on Amazon with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Ready to purchase a coop? There are numerous options available online that vary in price and quality. Start at for entry level coops. Or search Craigslist for a local option. There are also numerous DIY options for those that are handy.

Ready to buy chicks, pullets, or chicken supplies? Check out to the farm that supplies Martha Stewart, George Foreman, and the Emperor of Japan - Murray McMurray Hatchery.

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