Testimonials for Chicago Health Coach Michael Ockrim is In Home Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

Chicago Health Coach Mike Ockrim is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialst (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) that will engage you in functional movement training programs, nutrition and cooking education, and sleep improvement plans to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Here is what a few satisfied clients have said about working with Chicago Health Coach Mike Ockrim:

"In the past, I was less than excited to go to the gym. However, since I started training with Mike, I look forward to my workouts. He is very encouraging and motivating, yet challenges me. He is always positive and energetic and not intimidating. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a more personalized workout." -Jocelyn Mokhtarian


"Great functional workouts that utilize body weight exercises and outdoor activities. Nice balance of cardio, strength, and endurance. Workouts vary from week-to-week so things are always fresh. Lastly, Mike is a great guy to be around so I always look forward to the next workout!" -Zachary Alleman


"Michael is a wonderful teacher and motivator. He uses a variety of techniques that utilities all muscle groups for a challenging workout. He has a wealth of knowledge for both nutrition and strength exercises. He consistently uses all of his techniques himself to explain the exercises first hand to his clients. If you are an athlete or just looking to get back in shape you can benefit from Mike!" -Kolby Ourada


"I had not worked out regularly in years and Michael in a very short time has already improved my mobility, strength and fitness level. Michael tailors the training sessions to you - I always feel like I get a great workout and am more motivated at the end of each session. Each training session is a little different, keeps things interesting and makes me look forward to working out. Michael is also a great resource for diet and nutrition information as well - I highly recommend Michael!" -Mary Toomey


"I really appreciate Michael's approach. The training is hard - it will kick your ass, but the interaction is conversational and he doesn't let you leave without reminding you that what you do in the kitchen is every bit as important as what you do in the gym. I highly recommend Michael, you won't be disappointed by the results or his personality." - Bruce Martin


"Mike is an incredible motivator & working out doesn't seem like a chore. High energy & lots of laughs are a great way to start my day!" - Liz Tomich


"I have learned so much from Mike. He is much more than a personal trainer, he is a Life Coach. Mike has made "being active" a fun experience. I don't dread our sessions together, I enjoy every minute. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about what he does. It really shows that he cares about his clients as whole. He has exceeded my expectations of what a personal trainer should be. He is very encouraging and motivates to be the best I can be. I would highly recommend Mike." -Charlene Ballesteros


"I've worked with many trainers and I have to say Mike is one of the most dynamic I've worked with.  To help compliment my running, Mike help me add cross training and develop nutrition discipline.  Instead of telling me what to do, we talked about it and set my goals and lifestyle targets around me.  I wasn't just a client with a standing appointment - he was always accessible for a quick text or question." -Steve Alavi


"Mike is a one of a kind health coach in Chicago- he is not only a very knowledgeable trainer, but has a fun personality and laid back manner.  His ability to make folks of all fitness levels feel comfortable is very conducive to a fun learning environment that ensures his clients see all the results that they are looking for." -Paul Lyngso


"Working with Mike enabled me to become healthy in a sustainable way. I cannot tell you how many diets and workout programs I have tried over the years. While many of those programs worked in the short-term, Mike's approach has empowered me to feel well every day. I have felt great for years now! I am truly thankful for meeting Michael and the guidance he has given me." -Kathy Smith


"Mike has such a caring way about him. I never felt like he was judging or criticizing me. His advice and insight was always offered in a manner that suited my lifestyle. It was never dogmatic or condescending. Mike is also an amazing motivator! He inspired me to participate in my first 5K. Most importantly, he prepared me physically to not only complete the race, but do so in a way that left me feeling well post-race. Thank you!" - Debbie Donovan


"Thank you to Mike for helping me get control of my kitchen! I have always had a strong fitness-focused life, but often struggled to to consistently prepare quick, healthy meals my family would actually eat. Mike taught me how to navigate the grocery store, prep the groceries for easy access in the kitchen, and get meals on the table with minimal stress and clean up. My husband thanks Mike everyday!" -Sharon Edwards


"The biggest change I noticed after working with Mike was how well I sleep now. I fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep all night. Mornings are no longer awful!" -Devyn Banks